Raw Food Police Raid and the Raid on Our Self

 Man’s law:

 Nature’s Design:

You decide. Power is given through complacency and fear and the root of power is insecurity. The freedom we want is already inside all of us. To be free, you have to act free. If you know that eating healthy food means eating natural, unprocessed food grown in accordance to natural laws, and not the meddling of ridiculous systems of control, then you must reclaim your natural rights to do so. You are not a slave, and one riot doesn’t enforce that  if the door is open (which it is) you can’t walk out. You can, and you must, and you are.

We all will one day die. The question is how are we living now? Why live and die at the cause of the pharmaceutical agribusiness oligarchs and their mercenaries who shape the so-called “standards and laws” of the world instead of living our own cause within natures design.

 Be free, by living free. Be your own cause! Don’t support the institutions, industries, and structure that reinforces the insecurity and separation of modern man with nature; Know what it means to have and spend money and if you’ve never questioned why people can be starving while other people throw out huge quantities of food and feast on $300 meals, then maybe today is the day to start your questioning; Know what it means to not be aware and how that gives cause for unhealthy things to slip into those unaware moments and take advantage of the things we haven’t even explored about ourself; Wake up, walk free, and with love in your heart, break every law that directly opposes the principle of life and life’s creator. 

This is the seed of nonviolent resistance, that is watered with our active awareness and decent. The only way to beat the system is to realize, after all, that it really has no independent existence.  It requires our active participation to keep going. Know they Self, first, and this truth of it will set you free. Then your freedom will be your cause, and your cause when established in truth will end your concerns over whether the U.S. government thinks you should drink raw milk or not, because you will do what you know is right, and not what you think is legal. 

 The more people who do this, the less the few who do will be targets for oppression. There is strength in numbers.  Please keep this in mind when you read the following: Here is the YouTube scoop: Food police targets raw organic food in California and Raw Food Raid Highlights a Hunger.

 Or click the picture to  watch the video:

In the article it states:

“Scientists and regulators point to epidemiological evidence linking disease outbreaks to raw milk: The milk can transmit bacteria such as E. coli O157:H7, salmonella, campylobacter and listeria, which can result in diarrhea, kidney failure or death.”

Who are these scientist, and regulators, and really, who cares what they think if your direct experience tells you differently. What do they have to do with police raids on an organic raw foods store?  Why is the opinions of scientists and regulators enough to dispense the throws of force to subdue personal choice?

I personally have drank raw milk, many times,  right from the beautiful pinkish beige teet of a healthy cow, and it was free of any middle man profiting on my need to eat! And that really is the point, -profit. There is  little to no profit in making, growing, and managing your own food with your own attentiveness. When you choose, YOU choose, noone forces you to eat raw food. The consequences or benefits of doing so, is wholly yours.

In order for the dairy industry fit with its own lobby groups, to produce raw milk without contamination in a profitable way, they have to overall their entire factory milking system, starting with how they treat and relate to the cow to how they package the milk. Of course, with their power and influence they are going to push fear based thinking that raw milk is dangerous! They can’t produce it if they don’t change their own thinking!

Swaraj means self-rule in Hindi, and it’s time to embibe it’s spirit. I’m Kamla Vishwas and I choose to live by natures design and not laws. 

Bringing back time and cause through awareness:

Here’s the challenge. Get a small journal and a pen.  Beside the margin write increments of half an hour starting from the typical time you get up to the time you go to sleep. Simple yes?

Leave one column size of space to the left of where you are writing your description, to make notes later.  Do this on 24 pages until you find you need more. Write at the top of  each new page with your time slots. Day One, Day two, Day Three and so on.  

Day One: write down everything you do, including those extra moments in the bathroom, and watching tv for example. If you leave the journal behind when you go to the store, think back and with your best guess write what you did and how long each thing took to do. 

 On Day Two: do the same thing but make a firmer committment to try to track everything you are doing, even if it seems silly or insignificant. For example, ” I went to the store and bought an eraser.” Do this for five days with a firmer and firmer committment to  yourself to note down what you are doing. Make it a habit to notice.

On Day Six, do the same thing and track your day. At the end of the day before you go to bed, review your entry. Ask yourself where could I have been more focused and directly in charge of my life?  Use the following two questions to further narrow down these times:  Where could I use more focus to produce less waste?and Where could I recapture time directly for myself?

Do this until day 12. On Day 12 review your entire log. Here you are looking for two things that might at first seem unrelated; Food and distraction. Distraction can include shopping, entertainment, television, smoking, …basically anything that you were doing where you were not actively aware of  your surroundings while doing it. It can also mean an absence of your conscious awareness as to  why you are doing it. 

How do you know if you were actively aware of your surroundings while doing it? If you were aware you will remember. Try to read through your journal and remember what the surroundings had in them  while you were doing it. If it’s a place you visit often like being inside your own house or office, try to recall something that might have changed. Recall colors, pictures, ads, feelings, animals, people, etc.

This might prove difficult as this requires 12 days of memory and insight into the process! When you remember something write it down beside the description of that time slot. Now, where you have an entry related to food, whether it be buying or preparing food , ask yourself 1. How can I make my relationship to “food” more direct and aware ?  2. Who is controlling the source of my food? Answer this questions next to the entry.  Do this for the whole 12 days.

Now on the next page of your journal, write down what throughout these entire 12 days you would change to allow yourself to become more free, and more directly responsible for your life. Then ask yourself what laws have to do with the realization of this, whatever this is.  The results might surprise you. The results might just change your world.

If you want to share your results and incites, post them to Act Naturally, anonymously so we can all learn from your experience.


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