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In The Beginning

Welcome, swagatam, to Act Naturally which in Hindi translates to kudrati karma which literally means to Nature Karma. We are a global organization of writers, biologists, activists, farmers, free thinkers, mothers, brothers, sisters, fathers, anyone, and everyone who is against privatizing the earths resources from a distance, both physically and psychological, for profit. We at Act Naturally believe that food security must be enforced by our own hands and efforts so we know from seed to table what is in our food.

We are busy preparing this site. We ask for your patience in this process. We have some educational videos to the left that are an excellent introduction to the controversy and take over of the global food supply; specifically, genetically engineered foods and legislation and how this is changing the political and environmental landscape.

Act Naturally knows we must also offer solutions as we are pointing out the problems. There are many success stories, ranging from communities coming together to build small localized dams to fill aquifers, to permaculture heros who have been able to regreen barren deserts. Like Australian permaculturalist Geoff Lawton says, “All the worlds problems can be solved in a garden.” Although this maybe too simplistic of a concept for most, we at Act Naturally, accept this idea because it returns our priorities and our focus, back to nature to seek solutions and that in turn guides mankind away from dominant models that control, molest and profit from nature.

We are set up through Cafe Press to sale merchandise dubbed, “Art for the Resistance” to help fund our efforts. Visit http://www.cafepress/swarajart .
Thank you for visiting our site.
Thank you for visiting our site.

God Bless All,

Jamie Rutherford
Online Engagement Director of Act Naturally

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Discalimer: Act Naturally is constanty posting new information. The views expressed are not necessarily represented by the views of Act Naturally staff and participants. We also encourage many persepectives, not just those posted on this site in order to solve the issues of privatizing natural resources and public services. We ask that people leaving comments do so with non-violent language, trending away from personal attacks and foul language. Thank you. Dhanyuvaad.


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